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as we enjoy great advantages from the inventions of others, we should be glad of an opportunity to serve others by any invention of ours; and this we should do freely and generously.

-attributed to Benjamin Franklin

Transcoding MythTV recordings for PDAs and Sony PSP

Jeff Volckaert created a shell script for transcoding MythTV recordings to a format that can be viewed on portable devices like Sony PSPs and PDAs running PalmOS or Windows Mobile. I wrote a Perl script that extends Jeff's ideas. You can read about the script on the MythTV wiki and view or download the script here.

Logitech Media Server / Squeezebox Server / SlimServer plugins

Repositoriy URLs to use in Logitech Media Server

Production quality add-ons
Testing phase add-ons details

v2.1.14, 2020/05/01
Silence all players simply by holding the Sleep button; all players will display the name of the player that asked for silence, in case you need help. Also provides a CLI command to silence/pause all players and display a custom message. (Boom, Transporter, Classic, Squeezebox1, Slimp3, SoftSqueeze)

Auto Dim Display
v2.1.14, 2020/02/29
Set automatic display dimming, as for making the display go dark at bedtime and become visible again in the morning. (modified version of code from Eric Koldinger, Will use FuzzyTime "displayed time" if FuzzyTime is installed (optional). (Boom, Transporter, Classic, Squeezebox1, Slimp3, SoftSqueeze)

v2.1.7, 2020/05/01
Screensaver that simply makes the screen go dark -- most useful with SaverSwitcher, providing an easy way to make the display go dark without having to cycle through all brightness options. (Boom, Classic, Squeezebox1, Slimp3, SoftSqueeze)

v2.1.27, 2020/05/01
ContextMenu provides a mechanism for context menus much like the right-click context menus provided by computer operating system desktop environments. Provides a way to use any regular Squeezebox remote control button, even on the Boom. Other plugins that provide ContextMenu options include AllQuiet, KitchenTimer, PlayLog, and SaverSwitcher. (Boom, Transporter, Classic, Squeezebox1, Slimp3, SoftSqueeze)

v0.1.44, 2020/12/22
For Squeezeboxes connected to Denon receivers with RS232 or Ethernet interfaces, use your Squeezebox Controller, Squeezebox IR remote control, Web interface, etc. to control your Denon volume. (Transporter, Classic, Receiver)

v2.1.14, 2020/05/01
Provides a "date and time" screensaver that can act like a clock set "ahead" of the real time, and allows other plugins to display such "fast" times and set timers based on such displayed time. (Boom, Transporter, Classic, Squeezebox1, Slimp3, SoftSqueeze)

v2.6.6, 2020/05/01
Have SqueezeCenter execute specific sets of commands for certain buttons, so you can give a child a remote control with limited function, or redefine Boom or Radio 1-6 preset buttons or the button on a Squeezebox Receiver. (Boom, Classic, Radio, Receiver, Slimp3, Squeezebox1, Transporter)

v2.1.28, 2020/05/01
This plugin allows you to set simple countdown timers. Timers can be given names and saved for later re-use. Timers can be shortened or extended if needed. Includes a countdown screensaver designed for use with SaverSwitcher (only displayed if there's an active timer). (Boom, Transporter, Classic, Squeezebox1, Slimp3, SoftSqueeze)

v2.1.47, 2020/05/01
This plugin allows you you to log the tracks you listen to, either automatically or by pressing a few remote control buttons. It provides a web interface for viewing its log, linking to the web for more information about what you've listened to, and downloading XML and M3U playlists of played songs. (Boom, Classic, Slimp3, SoftSqueeze, Squeezebox1, Transporter; limited support for Radio, Receiver, and Touch)

v2.2.2, 2020/04/21
Control X-10 and Insteon modules with a Squeezebox Controller, Radio, Touch, old-style infrared remote, or Boom or Transporter buttons. Use Insteon or X-10 to have a device turn on and off when a specific player is turned on or off. Turn a coffee pot on when an alarm sounds. (Boom, Classic, Controller, Radio, Receiver, Slimp3, SoftSqueeze, Squeezebox1, Touch, Transporter)

v2.1.31, 2020/05/01
Configure multiple screensavers for the When Off, When Playing, and When Idle modes, either having SqueezeCenter cycle through a number of plugins or allowing you to change screensavers with a single button press. Easily change screensavers, or immediately jump to the When Playing screensaver, if used with ContextMenu. Can display "conditional" screensavers, as with KitchenTimer (set a screensaver to display onlly if it has something to report). (Boom, Transporter, Classic, Squeezebox1, Slimp3, SoftSqueeze)

v2.1.17, 2020/05/01
Provides a Web interface for copying settings from one player to another, permanently "linking" settings on multiple Squeezeboxes, setting defaults for newly connected Squeezeboxes or remote /stream.mp3 clients, and importing/exporting client settings, to make it easier to manage multiple Squeezebox players. (Boom, Classic, Receiver, Slimp3, SoftSqueeze, Squeezebox1, Transporter)

v2.2.7, 2020/05/01
Allows the "sleep" mode for any given player to fade the music out over the entire sleep period, rather than playing at a constant volume until the last minute. (Boom, Classic, Radio, Receiver, Slimp3, SoftSqueeze, Squeezebox1, Touch, Transporter)

SqueezeCLI Handler
v0.6, 2020/02/27
Plugin to provide "squeezecli:" and "squeezexec:" protocol handlers so actions can be embedded in playlists.

v2.1.9, 2021/05/16
Allows you to configure each player so it will display the current setting when you use the Sleep, Shuffle, Repeat, or volume keys on its remote control once, and only change the setting on subsequent button presses. Volume key behavio change does not work on Radio or Touch. (Boom, Classic, Radio, Slimp3, Squeezebox1, Touch, Transporter)

v2.2.4, 2020/02/27
Gives new settings for synchronizing players: relative volume sync; "wait for next track" to avoid disruptions; "unsync at power off"; restore local playlist after leaving a sync group. (Boom, Classic, Radio, Receiver, Squeezebox1, Slimp3, SoftSqueeze, Touch, Transporter)

v2.1.21, 2020/05/01
Allows you to lock the analog and digital output levels of any Squeezebox, Transporter, or SliMP3. Can either prevent any changes in volume, or simply set a maximum volume. (Boom, Classic, Radio, Receiver, Slimp3, SoftSqueeze, Squeezebox1, Touch, Transporter)

Web stuff

Cross-Site Request Forgeries (CSRF) (15 Jun 2001)

I have uploaded a message sent to Bugtraq that describes a class of Web attacks I call "sea surf" (CSRF). Something of a cross between "web bugs" and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Web applications that lack good CSRF countermeasures can be made to take actions on your behalf, without your consent or knowledge, if the attacker can simply get you to open an HTML document. No Javascript is required for this class of attacks.