A plugin for SqueezeCenter

SqueezeCenter 7.3: you can use the repository URL in the web Extension Downloader interface instead of manually unzipping the plugin.
Download the latest version Unpack in your Plugins directory. Note: PlayLog only works with SqueezeCenter 7.

What it does

PlayLog can record information about every track/song you play on your Squeezebox, Transporter, or even SliMP3. It provides a modern Web interface for browsing its log, and allows easy searching and playlist management.


Here is a demo of PlayLog in the SqueezeCenter "Classic" Web skin (the one I use most often; PlayLog also works well in most other skins). This demo does not show the filtering capabilty available in newer releases, which allows you to display only lines matching certain Titles, Artists, Albums, Days, Players, or URLs.

Why use PlayLog?

  1. To keep track of songs you hear on Internet Radio, and easily look for more information about the artists, or purchase CDs or MP3s of the music.
  2. To create a log of the music you played at your last party, in the order played even though you used Random Mix or had your Squeezeboxes shuffling.
  3. So your house guests can get a list of the music they heard while visiting.


All configuration is done with an old-style infrared remote and a Transporter, Squeezebox 3, SliMP3, etc. There is no interface for the Squeezebox Controller/Duet yet, though PlayLog's automatic logging options should work fine with a Duet/Receiver.

PlayLog will not log any information, and there is no special remote control sequence.
If you press Now Playing and then press Right Arrow within a few seconds, PlayLog will log info about the current song. Tip: to get more Now Playing infor without logging info, press Now Playing then Left Arrow then Right Arrow twice.
All Internet Radio
PlayLog will record every non-local track automatically. Using the sequence described in the "Manual" section, you can also log information about local tracks.
All tracks
PlayLog will record info about every track played.


  1. Automatic or manual logging
  2. Remember the last songs played even in manual mode so you could log info about a track "after the fact"
  3. If automatically logging, do not log info if you play less than 10 seconds of the song/track
  4. Choose between different monthly log files
  5. Easily sort the table by columns
  6. Filtering by columns (think "Show only songs by this artist")
  7. Easily delete specific entries from the web UI
  8. Easily copy or move entries to new PlayLog files (think copy info about songs Sean would like to my "music for Sean" file)
  9. Click on a URL and use choose a player on which to play that URL (replacing the current playlist or adding the selected song/URL to the end of the current playlist

Features planned but not yet implemented:

  1. A Squeezebox Controller UI
  2. Option to show only a certain number of tracks on one web page

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