A plugin for Squeezebox Server/SqueezeCenter/SlimServer

I did not write this plugin.

Installation: Squeezebox Server 7.4: on the Settings / Plugins page, check the box labeled "Show all 3rd party plugins", or enter the repository URL in the Additional Repositories area.
SqueezeCenter 7.3: you can use the repository URL in the web Extension Downloader interface instead of manually unzipping the plugin.
SqueezeCenter 7.0 through 7.2:

  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Unpack in your Plugins directory.
  3. Restart SqueezeCenter/SlimServer.

Releases for SqueezeCenter 7 are available here.

Not compatible with Squeezebox Radio or Squeezebox Touch

It's currently not possible for a Squeezebox Server plugin like AutoDisplay to work on Radio or Touch. I've opened an enhancement request ticket asking for the needed changes -- please take a look and consider voting for that request.

What it does

AutoDisplay lets you, on a player-by-player basis, set your Squeezebox's "off" brightness to change at certain hours. E.G., make the living room Squeezebox display go dark at midnight (if it's turned "off"), and not come back to life until a certain time in the morning. You can choose any brightness you want for the "dim" hours.

FuzzyTime Support

If you use my FuzzyTime plugin, AutoDisplay will use "fuzzy" time, e.g. if set to dim at 01:00 AM, AutoDisplay will dim the display when FuzzyTime would display 01:00 AM.

I did not write this.

AutoDisplay (also known as Auto Dim) has seen a number of maintainers over the years -- a happy result of it having an Open Source license. The most recent maintainer before me was Eric Koldinger. Eric's version stopped working well when Logitech released SqueezeCenter 7.0.1. Since I have come to rely on this plugin, I decided to make the changes needed to get it working again. This Web page is the home for my version. Thank you Eric, Tobias, and Felix for the work you did before I started working on this plugin.

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